Hard to Come by Vinyl

Baby boomers either never stopped listening and are still collecting, or they may be handing them down.

Collection value depends. Tom Petty – is a great example.  We sold every Petty Album in our record shop when he passed away.  R.I.P., Tom – you defined music in an epic way as did the great Aretha Franklin – the minute an artist leaves this world, the prices, double, triple, and quadruple depending on the artist. Exceptions are artist like Elvis – so many albums were made, and reproduced when he died that the value hasn’t increased due to the supply. Another exception:

Rare Elvis: Elvis Country 1970’s.  Green Vinyl #LSP4460

Elvis Christmas Record $20,000 on red vinyl #LOC1035

Below are a  few artists that their albums aren’t always so easy to find.  Hard rockers don’t like to part with their music!

  • Metalica
  • Miles Davis
  • Pink Flyod
  • Led Zepplin
  • Queen
  • Neil Young


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